Modern and effective chiropractic care is offered at TAG clinics in Terrebonne and Montreal



We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with the best possible care. We use several chiropractic techniques with or without cavitation (cracking), depending on your condition and preferences.


In addition to classic chiropractic treatments, we also offer complementary care such as spinal decompression therapy, laser therapy and shockwave therapy.


Chiropractic techniques offered:

  • Diversified
  • Thompson (drop piece)
  • Soft tissue techniques (muscle, tendon and ligament)
  • Techniques for peripheral joints (shoulder, elbow, hip, etc.)
  • Gonstead
  • Activator and chiropractic percussion / adjusting tool
  • KDT Technique Decompression Protocols
  • Pierce
  • SOT (Sacro-occipital technique)
  • AK (Applied kinesiology)
  • Cox (flexion-distraction)
  • Trigger points


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